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Update & Security Suite


Why do I see "This has been disabled." When trying to log in to my admin area?
Your admin area has been moved from the default location for increased security. Please try to log in.

Why do I see a message about being banned when I try to log in?
The security system will temporarily ban anyone who attempts and fails to log in 3 times within 5 minutes.
Please wait 15 minutes, then reset your password.

I've waited more than 15 minutes but it still says I am banned, why?
If you have been temporarily banned three times or more, the system will permanently ban your IP address. In order for us to fix that for you, go to, copy your public IPv4 address (it should look something like, then contact Eric for assistance in getting unbanned.

Why can't I add a plugin to my site?
The security suite prevents site modification to prevent hacking. To install a new plugin, simply contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the very simple instructions.

Why can't I edit files in my admin area?
The security suite prevents this. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.

What is this security suite even doing?
The security and update suite is a mix of tools and plugins that we use to make it harder for hackers and bots to gain access and damage your site. It combines access prevention and IP banning, disabling of easily hacked WordPress features, and monitoring and scanning for changes to the code on your site. It also helps us update your site's core files, plugins, and themes more often so your security is the most up to date it can be.

So is my site un-hackable?
Not at all. There is no such thing as an "un-hackable" site. The more we harden your site from hackers, the less usable it becomes. We have aimed to strike a balance between prudent security measures and usability.
This also means that if your site becomes the target of focused hacking attempts, there are even more security features that we can enable (at the cost of having a harder time making changes and updates yourself).

What happens if my site gets hacked anyway?
We are using several scanning technologies so that we can be alerted as quickly as possible should there be a breach of security. We also employ routine backups and can quickly and effectively roll your site back to an un-hacked state. Since we are not hackers ourselves, it can be hard to tell exactly how they did it, so we will execute several data protection measures to re-secure the site and help prevent a second attack.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions or concerns.